Cristiano Terra, male escort, hot body


My name is Cristiano Terra, a male escort and masseur in Auckland, New Zealand. I work with men and women.


I'm a fun guy, smart and very naughty. I am an affectionate boyfriend for rent. In my spare time, I am organised and homely. I like to cook, study, and entertain friends at home.


I am a versatile man, enjoying everything in bed, without preferences or inhibitions, but I have a little more to offer. In my meetings, I like to talk, flirt, caress, love to massage and enjoy intimate pleasures in keeping with our unique chemistry. I am also happy to explore fetishes with you.


I am not the "fuck-cum-leave" type. I will treat you like my lover. For me an exchange of affection is also part of the package. Don't be afraid to message me. I'm sure we'll get along just fine.

Age 34 years old;

Height 1.87m;

Weight 87 Kg;

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