Cris, what can I expect from you? What's your style?

As a male escort who works with both men and women, my style is romantic, affectionate, flirtatious. I love good conversation before I take off my clothes. I like to allow the contact to occur naturally. I am an excellent masseuse and use it as foreplay. My massage is a great turn-on. I like everything in bed. I like to cuddle after we cum and shower together.

Cris, how long are your bookings?

I am generous with time. If I spend more than an hour with you. I do not charge for additional minutes. My meetings last an average of 90 minutes. I don't rush.

Cris, I've heard that when I cum the meeting ends. It is true?

Not with me. I even understand that some escorts work on the philosophy of making the client cum as quickly as possible to shorten the meeting and send away the client as soon as possible. This is not my work philosophy. I do not sell "an orgasm". My philosophy is to provide a special moment. It can be through performing a fetish, or a new experience, or sometimes something simple as exchaning affection.

Cris, I'm from abroad and I'm staying at a hotel you do outcalls?

Yes I do outcalls in Auckland CBD for massage or escort services. (Or further afield in Auckland or New Zealand by special arrangement).

Cris, can I kiss you on the month?

Yes of course. I think kissing is essential.

Cris, what's your favourite part of a session?

Intimacy after the orgasm. For me it's the best part. I like to feel the body heat, hear the beating heart, the panting breath, the smell of your body next to mine ... I love these things.

Cris, this is my first time. Do you have experience with beginners like me? I'm afraid of being nervous.

Have no fear. I get many clients who have never been with a man. I will provide a sensitive service at the right pace for you. My profession involves having a lot of empathy for clients. I am very attentive, and perceptive. I know how to make you feel comfortable in my presence.

Cris, I have had very bad experiences with other male escorts and rent boys. I am traumatized and do not want to pay to have another bad experience.

I'm sorry, my angel, for the bad experiences you have had. You're not the first to tell me that. I promise to make it up to you for all of them. I will make sure you are satisfied.

Cris, I'm shy. I don't know much and lack confidence.

I LOVE the shy ones. I like to win them over. I would love to meet you.

Cris, tell me about yourself. Who is Cristiano Terra?

I am a 33 year old man with rich and varied life experience. A truly free spirit, but very focused. Educated, elegant, funny, cultured, kind. I like to dress well. I like to cook at home. I like to entertain a few friends at home. I go to bed early, get up early, train, work and study.

Cris, is your service 24 hour?

No. My other activities, training and classes require me to have good rest. My preferred office hours are from 10:00 to 22:00 (Auckland CBD). If you want a different time, we need to arrange it in advance.

Cris, Where are you based?

I now live in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand and have an appartment conveniently located right on Queen St in the CBD. It is in a lovely heritage building, very quiet and private. I offer my male escort services from here or do outcalls in the CBD.

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